Thalia Ditsa

Thaleia Ditsa studied Physics in Crete, where since 2001 she started simultaneously to work on movement as a dancer, teacher and chorographer. As a dancer she worked firmly with Maria’s Aggelou dancing team «14th day», participating in 7 choro-theatrical performances.She also worked as a team with many other chorographers. She has choreographed small dance performances and has worked on movement in several theatrical plays.

She was certified as a Pilates instructor through Jenny Colebourne's Illium Centre of Light in Athens, where she attended a complete three year educational programme on matwork, equipment Pilates and teaching of special people (pregnant, injured and dancers). Thaleia was awarded during her Master of Arts in choreography in the University of Falmouthe (incorporating Dartington College of Arts), in Great Britain. She is also trained in Butoh and somatics through the Body-Mind Centering in the U.S and Greece. She has attended many lessons and seminars of the Feldenkrais technique and many introducing choreography and psycho-pedagogical seminars. Today, Thaleia is teaching dance, improvisation and the Pilates method, and continues to explore movement as a starting point, but also as a procedure for a better way of life.