Vivian Bisoviti

Vivian graduated from Anna’s Petrova Dance Academy. She holds the diplomas Advanced 2 for the ballet RAD and the modern theatre ISTD with Distinction. In the meanwhile she successfully completed her Μat & Εquipment Pilates training course in 2 years (750 hours) under the supervision of Mariana Vasilatou at the DanceWay Academy. Next she attended seminars in New York with eminent teachers and dancers like Alvin Ailey, Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway Dance Schools. Furthermore, in Athens she attended seminars in Horohronos with Χaris Mantafounis, in studio Metsis, Baile de Barrio e.t.c. and Pilates seminars with Alan Herdman as well. Today she works in specialized Pilates studios and as a ballet and contemporary dance teacher in many dance schools. Additionally, Vivian holds a Bachelor degree in the department of Aesthetics and Cosmetology of the Technological Education Institute of Athens. She speaks English and Spanish.