Evgenia Minacoulis

Eugenia Minacoulis teaches a system that exercises and at the same time relaxes the body, with emphasis on breathing and on alignment of the body. The pupils acquire and assimilate a feeling of inner balance, of peace, of self esteem and of well-being.

She first taught in England between the years 1990-1992, the system of the British Wheel of Yoga, a system that is officially recognized by the British state. The foundation of her study has been the tradition of Satyananda Yoga since 1984. For the last 10 years, having received the teacher certificate from Jenny Colebourne and Illium Center of Light, she teaches the system of this school as well, a system acknowledged in the States and also globally. She is also an acknowledged stage designer with many years of experience in the field. Today she participates as a theatre designer in distinguished theatrical productions. In this professional area, she has developed a close relationship with art in all its forms and she uses this knowledge when she works with the children.

She has also taken a degree in English Literature and her fluent use of English, enables her to offer some Yoga classes both in Greek and English. Her knowledge of two musical instruments and singing enables her to use music when offering Yoga for Children lessons. Her participation in seminars on the use of sound for chakra awakening (Jenny Colebourne's Illium Center of Light) has enabled her to use this powerful tool in her Yoga lessons.