The Pilates Method is an inner journey of conscious,therapeutic movements,based on the principles of focus,full and deep breathing and flowing movements emanating from an energized core.
All movements initiate from the centre of the body,the deep abdominal muscles,'the powerhouse' as Joseph Pilates called it and then they flow outwards.
The student is guided by the teacher in stages by learning through experience. Emphasis is given to focusing on the body and full attention to the movement that is being executed.The student becomes more sensitive and more internally aware of his body and of the connection of his body with the floor,learning through observation, how to isolate and stabilize certain parts of their bodies while at the same time mobilizing other parts. With the Pilates Method we gain knowledge and control of our body,not only during the class but also in your daily life.

The breathing process is a very important principle of Pilates. A decisive and strong out-breath is the key to full,deep breathing. The breath enfolds and harmonizes with the movement. The body is not blocked,on the contrary the breath supports and accompanies the movement.

Progressively,the student becomes more and more independent, not only during the class but in his  everyday activities,their movements become smoother,more natural and effortless.

Awareness,focus and activation of the pelvic floor muscles,very important muscles that when toned and flexible contribute to balance,control and strength is developed. As well as this full,deep breathing is revitalizing and gives the feeling of rejuvenation and freedom.

Pilates is not just a fitness program but a way of life and a philosophy based on self respect and love of our bodies and the much deeper understanding that "I don't have a body but that I am my body".

'The Secret Place' is a fully,equipped Pilates Studio and offers equipment classes under the guidance and care of our Certified Pilates teachers. You can choose a class to suit your personal needs.
Private Pilates lesson with the use of  the Pilates apparatus.
Duets(limit of 2 students per class), with the use of the Pilates apparatus and a special series of exercises for each one of them.
Semi-privates(limit of 4 students per class), with the use of the Pilates apparatus and specially designed exercises for each one of the students.

Mat classes with small Pilates apparatus(limit of 6 clients per class).

If you are not sure which class is suitable for you please call us to make an appointment with one of our teachers. We will be very happy to discuss with you the type of class that is right for you.
The class is 1 hour.




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