Alexandra Lykeridou


Alexandra is a dance instructor, a graduate of Niki Kontaxaki's Higher Professional School, also studying at the State School of Orchestral Art for 6 years and at the New York City's Merce Cunningam Dance Foundation for 2 years. As a dancer she attended the Summer School of the famous Jacob's Pillow School and several dance and choreography seminars taught by Gavin Webber, Ultima Vez, Trinity Thompson, Juan Cruz Diaz and Jozef Frucer. She is also a certified Mat and Equipment Pilates instructor by Sacramento California Balanced Body University, USA and has attended several Yoga and Pilates seminars, the Release Technique by Debora Saxon and the Horton Technique in Vienna, to name a few. Since 2009 she has been working as a Pilates teacher in well-known dance and Pilates studios.

As a dance teacher she has worked at the “Izantora and Raymond Duncan Dance Study Center”, at the “Elisavet Georgoudis School” and at the “Sappho Potamianou” Dancing School. During her professional career she created the “Cinnamon” dance group and they have participated in many dance festivals. Alexandra has also collaborated with the National Lyrical Stage during the Athens Festival and has participated in performances held in Herodion ("Turradot" in 2008 and "Carmen" in 2007). She has been a member of the "Analysis Dance Company" team, the “Omad@nce” team, Niki Kontaxakis team and the "AENAON" group under the choreography of Daniel Lommel having given several performances in Athens among others.