Zoe Anastassiadou

Zoe was born in Nicosia in 1988. From an early age she began her involvement with classical ballet under the tutorship of Valentina Leriou, and has, as a member of The Nicosia’s Youth Ballet, also studied under well known Cypriot dancers and the choreographer Terence Etheridge. Later on she studied at the NTUA and as an Architect she further developed her interest in the mechanics of the human body and the dance-space relationship. During her studies she continued her dance education under the guidance of: Zozo Kyvrieriotis, Pierre Tavernier, Anton Stoinov and Penny Diamantopoulou and while being a member of The Young Greek Dancers of the Royal Academy of Dance she collaborated with Marianna Vassilatou, Katerina Kassioumi and Valerie Aitken.
At the same time she was trained in the Pilates technique by Marianna Vasilatou and graduated from the "Anna Petrova" Higher Professional School of Dance. She has attended a number of workshops in Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria, taught by: Vladimir Vasiliev, Natalia Tarasova, Harri Mandagouni, Yvonne Manthafouni, Jonette Ford, Curt Haworth and AlvinAiley dancers. Furthermore she attended a number of workshops during her studies at the “Anna Petrova” dance school, with: Marcella Manoliadou, Maro Marmarinou, Patricia Aperghe and Alexis Tsamioglou among others. She is currently working in the Pilates studio "The Secret Place" and teaches both Mat and Equipment Pilates.