Nathalie Menegatou

Nathalie Menegatou is a Reiki Master, Certified Pilates Teacher and Pilates instructor in training seminars, founder and owner of the Pilates Studio "The Secret Place" in Maroussi region in Athens.


In 1989 she was initiated into the Pilates method and since then Pilates is an integral part of her everyday life and a way of life. She completed her Pilates training course (mat, equipment and Pilates for special populations) in 3 years (1.000 hours) with her teacher, Jenny Colebourne at the Illium Center of Light in Athens. She attended several seminars in Greece and abroad, such as the one year Mat Stott Pilates training seminar and other Pilates seminars with Jenny Colebourne, Janet Amato (student of Jerome Andrews), Mitsi Pippa, Ellie Ioannidou, Director of Pilates Body Europe, Rael Isacowitz, Richard Orbach, Roberta Rose Kirchenbaum, MA LMT, owner of the “Rolates Pilates”, the original Pilates Studio in New York.

She completed the first, the second and the third degree in Reiki (duration of one year) with the Traditional Independent Reiki Master of the Usui Shiki Ryojo, Jenny Colebourne. She attended an S.P.P. training seminar of two years and seminars with the founder of the Method Prof. Dr. Danis Bois. She participated in series of seminars of Feldenkrais Method for many years, in seminars of Eric Franklin Method and in BMC (Body Mind Centering) with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She completed a training seminar of Shiatsu Massage and practised meditation through various techniques with Lene Sourouni, the Cosmic Nun Didi Ananda Utamma, the "Softening and Healing" team and other teachers and meditation gurus.


In 2010, she organised and participated in the first experiential conference of conscious movement "Live" at Doubletree hotel by Hilton, Helona Resort at Kos island, where 21 teachers from all over the world taught Pilates, Yoga, S.P.P., Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Butoh, Meditation, Sound Balancing, Homeopathy,EnergisingMassage, Flower Remedies, Narrative Art,e.t.c.
In 2014 she organised and participated in the four days seminar "How amazingly yoga techniques can enhance and transform your Pilates practice", which was taught by Jenny Colebourne at Patmos at the Petra Hotel and Suites.


Nathalie is a French language professor with studies in trilingual professional translation (French, English, Greek) from the University of Strasbourg. She has attended series of lectures concerning Contemporary Art at Christie's, circles of experiential seminars in painting with the painter Marianna Zaleska and the seminar "Towards a Meaningful life" with Professor Rabbi Mendel Hendel.


Nathalie's personal path is searching for the truth through the body, conscious movement and spirituality.