Hatha Yoga



‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit means unity. It is the unity of the sun ‘Ha’ and the moon ‘tha’, the blending of warm with cold, the joining of expressiveness and physical activity with internal life and mental activity. Yoga harmonizes all these opposite forces within us and so we experience balance, harmony and fulfillment.
Yoga’s means are its poses, its breathing practices, its cleansing techniques and deep relaxation. Needless to say, that it is easy to attend a yoga lesson, even if we have never had any similar experience before. After all, what matters when practicing yoga, is the joy of exercise and not the perfection, the deep, internal experience and not the comparison to some ideal model that we want to resemble to.
Practicing yoga we acquire physical and mental well-being,  clarity of thought, strong memory, contact with our inner self, self-knowledge, ‘know thyself ’.
Yoga lessons are offered in ‘The secret place’ in groups of 7 and last for one and a half hour.
Since the lessons are easily conformed to everyone’s needs, anyone can join, regardless of the yoga familiarization level.
Sunday seminars on different subjects are also offered on a regular basis.


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